Not all black salves are the same

'We have gathered the facts and myths about black salves so you can make an informed decision about using them'


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Stages of Skin Cancer Removal

1 Day of use 1. ESCHAR FORMATION -- This is the first in a progressive series of photographs taken following the application of Black salve on a cancerous skin lesion, this one on the forearm of a middle-aged user from Ohio (USA). The example above involves one of the more serious types of skin cancer: melanoma. The photograph below shows that only 30 hours of use, the entire neoplasm has formed into a scab, or "eschar." The cancer is completely dying, but the healing process has only begun.



4 Days Later 2. EDEMA & ISOLATION -- There is a buildup of antibodies and serum in the surrounding tissue. As is often typical of edema, there is a reddening and a general puffiness. The degree can vary considerably from case to case, but in all ways it is an important part of the body's healing process.  The Black Salve has successfully triggered the body's immune system and the necrosis is recognized as an invasive agent. The eschar becomes better defined from the surrounding, healthy, non-cancerous tissue.




8 Days Later 3. ESCHAR CONTAINMENT -- The eschar begins to dry up like any other scab. As healthy dermal layers are formed beneath the eschar, which nears perfect and separate formation, it is slowly ejected from the body. Edema and redness disappear.




Still 8 Days Later 5. DECAVITATION -- Now back at the body... a decavitated area remains where the tumor was ejected. Epidermal layers have not completely formed, so to the lay person the area can look extremely raw and unprotected. Nonetheless, in the thousands of cases we have been involved in, never once have we had a case of secondary infection resulting from the process. You can add Vitamin E, petroleum jelly or a healing slave to further minimize scarring and aid the healing process. 



40 Days 6. FINAL HEALING -- The epidermal layers have come in. There is usually minimal scarring and discoloration, where instructions have been thoroughly followed. In time even the little scarring seen at right will be marginalized.